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Our company was established in 1995 Formerly known as Ningbo Zhenhai Fastener Factory in 2008 our factory was officially registered as a company Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Ningbo near the famous deep water port of Beilun Port with beautiful environment convenient transportation and developed logistics With 10 years of development we have accumulated rich experience and high production level and increased investment to improve production facilities and production technology Now we have a whole set of production line and test equipment as well as an excellent production team Our company does our best to manufacture and sell fasteners Our company professionally...

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CNHex NutsASTM Hex NutHex Thin NutNut ISO 4032Ansi B18 NutGrade 2H NutASTM A194 NutASTM 194 NutsGrade DH NutsBlack Hex NutHeavy Hex NutASTM A563 NutM64 Castle NutDIN934 Hex NutHeavy Hex nutsASTM A563 NutsGr 2h Hex NutsASTM A194 NutsHalf Lock Nuts2H Hexagon NutsHex Slotted NutASTM A 563 NutsGrade 10.8 NutsGrade12 Hex NutDIN 934 Hex NutHex Castle NutsDIN934 Hex NutsISO 4032 Hex NutThin Flat WasherHigh Quality NutDIN B439 Hex NutHex Nut BraceletCarbon Steel NutPlastic Lock NutHex Thin Nut M32High Tensity NutGrade A FastenerHex Nut Grade 2HASTM 194 2h Nuts2H Heavy Hex NutANSI B18 Hex NutM22 Astm A194 NutA563 2H Heavy HexHeavy Hex Jam Nut2h Heavy Hex NutsThin Hexagon NutsM16 Hexagonal NutDin979 2h Hex NutJIS B1181 Hex NutHalf Thread Bolts2HM Heavy Hex NutM32 Heavy Hex NutGrade 2H ASME NutA194 Hex Thin NutHexagon Thin NutsASTM A563 Hex NutASTM 194 Hex NutsFactory Price NutHigh Strength NutASTM A194 Hex NutASTM A 2H Hex NutASTM Heavy Hex NutDIN934 Hexagon NutHex Nut DIN934 M12Grade 2 Steel NutsM64 Hex Nut DIN935Galvanized Hex NutASTM A194 GR2H NutAstm A194 Hex NutsA563 Heavy Hex NutDIN934 Hex Nut M12Hex Nut M12 to M64M12 Screw Lock NutDIN934 Hex Nut M64Steel Hexagon NutsASTM A194 Gr4 NutsPtfe Heavy Hex NutBlue Heavy Hex NutDin 935 Castle NutPfte Heavy Hex NutDIN 937 Castle NutDin 979 Castle NutA194 Heavy Hex NutHeavy Hex Nut SizesZinc Plated Hex NutGr Dh Heavy Hex NutASTM A194 GR2H NutsDIN EN ISO 4032 NutM12 Din934 Hex NutsM64 Hex Slotted NutHexagon Castle NutsThick Steel Hex NutPlain Heavy Hex NutStainless Steel NutDIN 935 Slotted NutHex Nylon Lock NutsBlack Heavy Hex NutDIN 937 Slotted NutDIN EN ISO 4035 NutGrade A Slotted NutHex Nut With GrooveHeavy Hex Nut GradeA563 Heavy Hex NutsZinc Heavy Hex NutsASTM A563 Gr A NutsCarbon ASTM A194 NutHexagon Nut Iso 4032ANSI Grade 10.8 NutsDin En Iso 4032 NutsSilicone Flat WasherANSI B18 2 2 Hex NutA563 Grade 10.8 NutsGrade 10.8 ASTM NutsDIN934 Black Hex NutCarbon Steel Hex NutHex Nut Grade 6 8 102H Heavy Hex Jam NutCarbon Heavy Hex NutFine Thread Hex NutsHexagon Slotted NutsPlain Heavy Hex NutsHigh Strength Hex NutM12 Heavy Hex Jam NutASTM 2H Heavy Hex NutAluminium Flat WasherDIN 935-1 Castle NutsNylon Lock Flange NutJIS Standard Hex NutsDIN Standard Hex NutsGrade 4 Heavy Hex NutM8x1.25 Heavy Hex NutASTM A194 GR4 Hex NutDin 934 Heavy Hex NutDIN 979 Heavy Hex NutA563 ANSI B18 Hex NutGrade 10 M22 Hex NutsISO Standard Hex NutsASTM A194 Hex Nut M32ASTM Dh Heavy Hex NutIFI Standard Hex NutsGr. 2h Heavy Hex NutsGrade 5 Heavy Hex NutGrade 2H Heavy Hex NutHeavy Hex nuts DetailsGRA194 GR 2H Heavy HexGalvanized Slotted NutBlack 2H Heavy Hex NutIso 898-2 Zinc Hex NutGrade DH Heavy Hex NutASTM A194 Hex Thin NutGalvanized Castlel NutASTM A194 Grade 4 NutsPTFE Xylan Coated NutsBlack ANSI B18 Hex NutJis Standard FastenersGrade 4 Heavy Hex NutsANSI B18 Black Hex NutASTM A563 10S Hex NutsA563 High Strength NutIso 4033 Heavy Hex NutHeavy Hex Coupling NutSS Hex Nylon Lock NutsGrade A and B FastenerHeavy Hex Nut Grade 2HASTM A194 Heavy Hex NutCoarse Thread A563 NutsGrade A Hex Slotted NutDIN 937 Hex Slotted NutFine Pitch Hexagon NutsGrade 10 Heavy Hex Nuts2H Carbon Steel Hex NutDIN934 Zinc-plated NutsDin934 Hex Nuts Grade 8A2 Stainless Steel NutsHeavy Hex Nut Astm A194Din 979 Grade 10.8 NutsStainless Steel Hex NutDIN 934 Grade 10.8 NutsASTM A563 Heavy Hex NutHex Castle Nuts DIN 937ANSI B18.2.4.6M-06 NutsDin934 Grade 2H Hex NutDIN 935 Hex Slotted NutBlack Heavy Hexagon NutsANSI B18 Grade 10.8 NutsBlack Heavy Hex Jam NutsHex Nut With Black OxideAlloy Steel Hexagon NutsCastle Nuts Slotted NutsA563 Black Heavy Hex NutStainless Steel 304 NutsHexagonal Brass Hex NutsCarbon Steel Hexagon NutGalvanized Hex Head NutsCarbon Steel Slotted NutSmall Head Asian Hex NutAstm A194 Heavy Hex NutsInsert Lock Jam Stop NutA194 Plain Heavy Hex NutDIN 979 ANSI B18 Hex NutClass 8 ANSI B18 Hex NutASTM A563 Grade 10.8 NutsDin934 Strong-Tie Hex NutPlain Steel Heavy Hex NutAluminium Flat Washer BarA563 Heavy Heavi Hex NutsGalvanized DIN934 Hex NutASTM A194 2H Hexagon NutsPlain Finish Hexagon NutsPfte Coated Heavy Hex NutGrade GR 2H Heavy Hex NutA563 Plain Heavy Hex NutsJis Standard Threaded NutJis Iso Zinc Hexagon NutsGrade GR 2H Hex Head NutsHex Head Half Thread BoltsZinc Plated Heavy Hex NutsPlain Finish Heavy Hex NutASTM A563 Hex Nuts Grade 8Carbon Steel Heavy Hex NutHigh Quality DIN934Hex NutZinc Plated Thread Hex NutHigh Thickness Durable NutASTM A563 Dh Heavy Hex NutYellow Zinc Plated Hex NutGrade 8 Heavy Hexagon NutsAnsi B18 M32 Heavy Hex NutHigh Quality Heavy Hex NutASTM A194 Heavy Hex Jam NutPtfe Finished Heavy Hex NutDin 935 M64 Hex Slotted NutDIN 934 Hex Head Half BoltsCarbon and Alloy Steel NutsM24 3.00 Pitch Hexagon NutsPlain Steel Grade 10.8 NutsFastener DIN 937 Castle NutBlue Grade Dh Heavy Hex NutASTM Heavy Hex Nut Grade 2HDIN 937 Grade A Slotted NutStainless Steel Castle NutsHigh Strength Heavy Hex NutHigh Quality Heavy Hex nutsDIN 6915 Steel Hexagon NutsDIN934 Carbon Steel Hex NutGrade 5 Plain Heavy Hex NutStainless Steel Flat WasherGalvanized Self-locking NutCarbon Steel DIN 934 Hex NutIfi Or Din 6923 Standard NutA194 2-H Plain Heavy Hex NutHeavy Hex Nuts Sold DirectlyDIN934 M1.6 Hex Nuts Grade 8Metric DIN985 Pistachio NutsDIN 934 Fine Thread Hex NutsANSI B18 Heavy Wide Hex NutsGalvanized Steel Slotted NutASTM A194 Ptfe Heavy Hex NutANSI DIN934 Hex Nuts Grade 8ASTM A194 GR.2H Heavy Hex NutCarbon Steel Zinc-plated NutsBlack ASTM A194 Heavy Hex NutCastle Nuts With Metric CoarseDIN934 Stainless Steel Hex NutAluminium Fat Washer FastenersHeavy Hex Nut Of Various SizesDIN 935-1 Hexagon Slotted NutsANSI Carbon Steel Heavy Hex NutHex Thin Slotted and Castle NutANSI B18.2.4.6M-06 Hexagon NutsA194 Carbon Steel Heavy Hex NutANSI Hex Head Half Thread BoltsIfi Gi Standard Size Bolts NutsASTM Carbon Steel Heavy Hex NutHex Nut Of Various Model NumberCoarse Thread A194 Heavy Hex NutHex Thin Slotted and Castle NutsHex Nuts Made of Stainless SteelBrass Carbon Steel Hex Heavy NutMedium Carbon Steel Heavy Hex NutSteel Hex Nut M20-2.5 Thread SizeDIN985 Galvanized Self-locking NutIso Standard M40 Gradde 8.8 Hex NutJis Standard Din6923 Hex Flange NutHot Dipped Galvanized Hex Head NutsStainless Steel Fine Thread Hex NutsFastener With Large Width Across FlatsHexagon Slotted Nuts With Metric CoarseHot-Dipped Galvanized 3/4 Grade 10.8 NutsStainless Steel Galvanized Heavy Hex Nuts
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